"Where we build happy,
confident children."

Mission and History


Our mission is to build happy, healthy, confident children by:

  • Encouraging children in a safe, nurturing environment
  • Encouraging children to appreciate their innate worth
  • Encouraging children to be physically fit and to embrace learning through fun, stimulating surroundings
  • Encouraging children to support and value others

All while we are creating avenues of success through movement and gymnastics


Our program was founded by Jack Morgan, Season 4 contestant for American Ninja warrior, debut May 2012, who made it all the way to Las Vegas with his raw talent. Jack and a handful of coaches worked together to create a Parkour Training Program in October 2012 to encourage a freerunning training for youth in a safe environment. This also helped his Parkour Performing Group TrickSet Flo Show who went around to local schools and events to encourage children to stay in school and teach anti-bullying principles.

This grew into our current Ninja program in 2015 when we changed the curriculum to work towards competing on obstacle similar to American Ninja Warrior. Our Ninja Committee has worked on not only the training program for the youth, but also on how to train other instructors to teach this new sport. This Ninja Program has been growing and evolving ever since, along with the Ninja Community in the USA. Our training program includes obstacle course training with aspects of gymnastics, tumbling, and physical fitness designed especially for youth 4 years old – teens.

Here are articles about Jack Morgan and Season 4 American Ninja Warrior.

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We celebrate 40 YEARS OF "GOOD FOR KIDS" and work on our 4th year of youth ninja training! We look forward to growing our program, increasing the number of athletes, continue to develop our ninja traveling team, working with other ninja clubs to form a midwest competitions league, and getting new exciting equipment in all of our locations to celebrate, items like new hanging grips, balance equipment and updates to warp walls.

Ninja City expanding to St. Peters. Our Olympia Gymnastics Mid Rivers location will dedicate a whole are to re-build a Ninja City Mid Rivers. This ninja club will have all new equipment similar to Olympia Ninja City Manchester.


In 2018, we are rebranding all nine locations to incorporate design features that are professional, kid-friendly, colorful, and welcoming. Presently, over 200 employees (Olympia & Team Central) devote themselves to teaching children of all ages gymnastics and other activities, as well as lessons of life.

We celebrate 1st year anniversaries for our Rock Hill and Ninja City Manchester locations. More equipment was ordered to balance out what each location has for streamline training.

December 2018 Mid Rivers location will be the location for the 7th Ninja Competition on December 9th.

October 2018 Frank Cusamano, sports journalist from KSDK announced that ninja is not just a trend, but a new sport in St. Louis. Read more here.

September 2018 We announced the start of an all new ninja team who will be competing in various ninja clubs in the Midwest. Their first competition for our team is November 3rd in Jefferson City.

Coach Nikki, current Ninja Team Head Coach and former Olympia gymnast; Coach Jenny, current director of Ninja City Manchester and avid ninja competitor, also former Olympia gymnast; and Coach Katherine, current director of Mid Rivers and former Team Central gymnast competed in their first time Charenji Challenge and got 1st-3rd place in the women’s division.

August 2018 Gateway Gymnastics held its 7th Ninja Competition at Ninja City Manchester.

May 2018 American Ninja Warrior Jr. gets announced from the network who brought us American Ninja Warrior and we had some children who submitted videos for a chance to be on the show.

April 2018 Katherine Pottorf and recently hired Peyton Mogley were selected to the filming of the Season 10 American Ninja Warrior in Indianapolis, IN.

Before Coach Katherine went to the filming, she and Coach Jack did some hands-on ninja training with American Ninja Warrior athlete-Drew Dreshel while he was in Missouri. Gateway Gymnastics held its 6th Ninja Competition at Ninja City Manchester, new venue with new equipment and introduction to all the gyms for competitions with tennis shoes.

January 2018 Four of our coaches (Jenny, Katherine, Jack, and Nicole) had submitted videos for American Ninja Warrior, Season 10.


A year of change: Olympiad Gymnastics officially changed its name to Olympia in 2017. A year of growth: Three new facilities were added to our company including: My Gym, Ninja City Manchester, Rock Hill. We also continue to get new equipment in all of our facilities to help with agility and balance for all student athletes.

December 2017 Gateway Gymnastics held its 5th ninja competition at Team Central.

September 2017 Rock Hill is a 9,100 sq. ft. facility in beautiful downtown Rock Hill between Kirkwood and Webster Groves. Classes, parties and special events are available at all three facilities. Coach David is at this location and he was an American Ninja Warrior contestant in Season 4 with Coach Jack.

August 2017 Manchester was bursting at the seams as our largest base for students in our region, so we brought in American Ninja Warrior competitors from New Mexico to build us the first St. Louis standalone Ninja Training facility for kids, which we call Ninja City. The gymnastic location remains intact and we were able to move all of the ninja students to their own facility. There are strictly ninja training classes, ninja team practice, and ninja events, like ninja open gym and ninja birthday parties at this location in the same building strip.

We also had our 4th Ninja Competition at Team Central.

May 2017 We found a need for youth 0-5 to grow and be active at our My Gym-Chesterfield location. They offer classes, parties, and special events in a facility where kids can be active and explore through movement and music. 3-8 years olds can experience the beginning stages of Ninja Training.

April 2018 Gateway Gymnastics held its 3rd Ninja competition at Team Central and all gyms started their Ninja Showcases.


The Chesterfield location doubled in size and added in-ground pits, 2 separate viewing areas, new equipment and a new look. The team program exceeds 100 gymnasts, including Xcel bronze through platinum, J.O. levels 3 through 9 and also Ninja Kids (4-Kindergarten) , Ninja Beginners and Ninja Advanced Beginner training for boys and girls. We worked towards getting monkey rings for hanging in all of our facilities.

December 2016 We had our 2nd Ninja Competition at Team Central, hosted by Gateway Gymnastics.

August 2016 We had our first Ninja Competition in celebrate our first year in ninja and have a place for our athletes to start competing at Team Central.

July 2016 We started sending two athletes to youth ninja competitions with the Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association (UNAA) to see what our interests are in competing leagues. One was a youth in classes and the other was Coach Payne, originally a parkour student who advanced in class so much we hired him as a coach for ninja classes. We also sent Coach Jack and Coach Katherine to this competition. One youth and one coach ended up at the Finals in New Mexico with the UNAA.

April 2016 All of the gyms who have ninja classes had a Ninja Spring Performance to showcase all of the ninja skills at their own gym in front of family and friends, this is a program we will continue to do each year but now we call it the Ninja Showcase and runs like a mini competition with medals for all.

March 2016 Mid Rivers started offering ninja training with Coach Katherine


An exciting program called Ninjas was introduced that combines gymnastics with strength training, obstacles course training, and tumbling and serve a new market of children ages 4-teens. Highly qualified and certified instructors teach the programs. We started sending our ninja coaches to adult ninja competitions in nearby towns and states.

All of our our hard work payed off when we rolled out 5 gyms with this new ninja program.

December 2015 New Ninja Class options at Festus, we also were featured on Fox 2 News to introduce Ninja to St. Louis.

October 2015 New Ninja Class options at Ellisville

August 2015 Initial Ninja Classes at Team Central in Maryland Heights, Chesterfield and Manchester with Ninja Directors Sarah Catanzaro, Katey Viera, and Jack Morgan.

Each location had various equipment, such as; warped walls, cliff hangers, peg boards, quad steps, and mats to create fun and fabulous obstacle courses.


Olympiad reached a notable milestone in 2014, celebrating its 35 YEARS of being “Good for Kids”. We had over 150 employees at our six locations (Olympiad & Team Central) devote to teaching children of all ages, gymnastics and other activities, as well as lessons of life. We are in the planning stages of converting our Parkour classes into Ninja (similar to training for American Ninja Warrior style skills vs freerunning training).

See our home site to learn about 40 years of “GOOD FOR KIDS” history.