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Ninja News


Updated: January 3rd

We are now taking enrollment for our 2021 Ninja Summer Camps. We have multiple weeks schedule during the summer months and have some great themes such as Nerf, Star Wars, Marvel Vs. DC Comics, and of course Ninja Warrior.  Give one of our locations a call for more information. 


Updated: June 15th

We have reopened and have started signing up for our Ninja Classes again.  We have COVID-19 policies and protocols in place and we are committed to following the most updated CDC and local government guidelines for staying as safe as possible while we slowly move toward a new “normal”.  Please be prepared to follow the newest guidelines when attending one of the Olympia or Ninja City facilities. For more information on our COVID-19 guidelines, click here


Updated: March 23rd

Dear Olympia and Ninja City Families,

We have inactivated the autopay system for April. You will NOT BE CHARGED until we resume classes.

You will not be charged until you have been given advance notice and a chance to inform us of your child returning to classes. For the few families that have dropped, please send us an email by March 31st if you would like to re-enroll, and we will place your child back in their class spot.


We miss you already…please be safe.

Thank you,

All the staff at Olympia Gymnastics and Ninja City

Ray Overmann, Owner, Olympia Gymnastics & Ninja City



Dear Olympia Gymnastics and Ninja City Families –

We hope this letter finds you and your family well. These are interesting times, though uncertain. We want to update you on how we are moving forward based on the latest information we have.

As you know, our gyms are now closed to all students for all activities due to the stay at home order issued by the County of St. Louis and Jefferson County through at least April 22, 2020. In light of this, we have made some decisions regarding classes for April.

Obviously, we will not charge April tuition for any of our families. We will continue to guarantee your spot in class for the duration of our closure, so that when we re-open, our students can come back to the same classmates and instructors as before. Families with annual registration fees due to renew in April will not be charged. For the few families that have dropped for April, please send us an email by March 31st if you would like to re-enroll, and we will place your child back in their class spot.

The uncertainty of these times is a little nerve-wracking. The one truth that everyone in our family of companies is that when we do re-open our doors, we will be better than ever. We will also continue to communicate with you all on a regular basis.

Our staff is truly amazing, and even during the closure are looking for ways to engage with all of you. Facebook is becoming one of the main ways we communicate with you – if you can, please follow all of our Facebook pages.

As always, please email us if you have questions or comments.

Please be safe and healthy and know that we miss our gym families.


All the staff at Olympia Gymnastics and Ninja City

Ray Overmann, Owner, Olympia Gymnastics & Ninja City


Update from Olympia & Ninja City / April Tuit

Updated: March 16th

March 16, 2020

Dear Olympia Gymnastics & Ninja City Families,

In light of recent developments and our local governmental response to COVID-19, we have decided to postpone all classes at each of our locations from Monday, March 16th through Sunday, March 29th. During this time, we will be closely watching the progression of COVID-19 in the St. Louis area and by March 24th will update our families with future plans as more information is available.

The programs affected by this postponement are Girls Gymnastics, Boys Gymnastics, KinderBees, Tumble Bees, and Ninja.

We will miss our students very much during this time and encourage our families to stay as active as possible. Please check your email and our Facebook page for ongoing updates.

The gym’s office hours during this time will be flexible, and we encourage our customers to contact us through email.

We appreciate your continued support during this time, and hope your family stays happy, healthy, and confident.


Ray Overmann, Owner

Olympia Gymnastics

Ninja Team does their first team competition in Jefferson City.


[November 2018] Our own Coach Nikki and Coach Collin will be with our new Ninja Team in Jefferson City where we will be the start of a new league to create ninja competitions/tournaments right here in Missouri and the Midwest on November 3, 2018.

From KSDK News: The newest sport to sweep St. Louis may be ... 'Ninja'?



[October 2018] American Ninja Warrior may have started a movement. St. Louis is just one city benefiting from kids and their parents striving to be more active in a fun and communal way.

Ballwin, MO — Olympia Ninja City in Ballwin has been around a little more than a year. It was simply a gymnastics facility at first but started ‘ninja’ classes a few years ago after the popularity of NBC's show American Ninja Warrior. Now, the ninja sessions continue to become more popular, proving that 'Ninja' isn't just a trend but becoming a competitive sport. Read more here

Author: Josh Helmuth
Published: 9:33 PM CDT October 20, 2018
Updated: 11:28 PM CDT October 21, 2018

Three Ninja Coaches go out to the first outdoor ninja competition in Hazelwood and come back with 1st – 3rd Place awards.


[September 2018] Coach Nikki, current Ninja Team Head Coach and former Olympia gymnast; Coach Jenny, current director of Ninja City Manchester and avid ninja competitor, also former Olympia gymnast; and Coach Katherine, current director of Mid Rivers and former Team Central gymnast competed in their first time Charenji Challenge and got 1st-3rd place in the women’s division.


Our Ninja Coaches are sweeping these Ninja competitions



[January 2018] Our own Coach Katherine, Ninja Director at Olympia Gymnastics-Mid Rivers, placed 3rd Place in the run at the Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association league for Adult Ninjas. She will be going to the finals in July in New Mexico. Katherine will also be going to the filming for the next season of American Ninja Warrior later in April, to air this summer on NBC. She also goes to college, coaches at Olympia Ninja City one night, and trains for ninja competitions! How does she do it all?? Coach Jack Morgan, of Olympia Ninja City, Olympia Gymnastics Manchester, and Team Central, placed 1st Place in the run at the Ultimate Ninja Athletic Association league for Adult Ninjas. He will be going to the finals in July in New Mexico.

Olympiad is changing its name to Olympia


[January 2017]Olympiad Gymnastics is expanding again this fall and is “Re-Branding” the company with a new name. Beginning September 1st, we will now be known as Olympia Gymnastics. You will begin to see changes with our new name over the next few months, including our new logo, signage, and, literature. Olympia Gymnastics has opened three new facilities.

[May 2017]Olympia Gymnastics has opened three new facilities: we partnered with My Gym in Chesterfield and took over ownership. My Gym provides classes for children ages 4months - 10 years olds. We also offer birthday parties. For more information visit My Gym's website.

[August 2017]classes will begin at our Olympia Ninja City (Manchester) and Olympia Rock Hill. Ninja City is a specially equipped gym geared towards Ninja classes. Ninja City will also host Kid's Night Out, Birthday Parties, and Open gym.

[September 2017]Olympia Rock Hill is opening its doors in the Rock Hill area of St. Louis, centrally located between Hwy 40 & Hwy 44. We will hold classes for girls and boys ages toddler - teens in gymnastics, tumbling, ninja, as well as special activities such as Kid's Night Out, Birthday Parties, and open gym. For more information visit our website.